Metabase-Snowflake Fails to Connect when using the authenticator in the advanced options

I think this is a bug, but just in case I'm posting here too. I've had to take some stuff out and change the links as it won't let me post otherwise since I'm a new user.

Here is the link to the issue in github which has been closed. Metabase-Snowflake Fails to Connect when using the authenticator Issue #26155 · metabase/metabase (

Describe the bug
Metabase can't connect to Snowflake when using an IDP, such as via the Advanced options: authenticator=https : //
To Reproduce

  1. Add a Snowflake database as shown on the image below which includes using an e-mail address as the username, password, and the advanced options for authenticator
  2. Click on Save

Metabase is started with the following parameters:
java -Dlog4j.configurationFile=C:\Metabase\log4j2.xml -Djdk.module.illegalAccess=permit -jar metabase.jar

If the only parameter in Advanced options is authenticator=https : // we get the following error:
Bad request; operation not supported
Expected behavior
Metabase is able to connect to snowflake and add the database.

I'm able to verify all the connection details and access by using SQLWorkBench with the snowflake-jdbc-3.13.21.jar driver and the same extended properties.

Metabase Diagnostic Info
See in github

I should have added more details as I think this is indeed a bug. I've done all the same tests with java 11 and I've also used a multitude of parameter combinations including "&"... however, even when the only parameter is authenticator we get an error of Bad request; operation not supported.

I'll post in the forum as well.

Here you can see the different attempts:
Please see github issue