Metabase Spark 3 Thrift JDBC

I am currently working on a Spark 3 cluster with Hive Metastore 2.3.7. I am trying to integrate Metabase with Spark using the Spark thrift server. I am able to connect from Java JDBC and retrieve data from spark tables but I'm facing issues connecting from Metabase.

does Metabase work with hive2? like "jdbc:hive2://w.x.y.z:10000/default"
Is there any custom driver that I can use? like designed for data bricks spark.

Hi @ashok
The Spark driver is somewhat outdated, but the newer versions aren't backward compatible, so that has been blocking part of the upgrade. You can follow this issue:
But I have very little knowledge about Spark, so hopefully someone else will come along and answer.

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