Metabase starburst connector

Hi, Team.
I am using metabase starburst connector GitHub - starburstdata/metabase-driver: Starburst Metabase driver

How hard is it to disable prepared statements?

Hi @Diego78
You would have to ask in the driver repo. It would require creating a completely custom driver similar to the old deprecated PrestoDB driver

Hi @flamber, thank you for the answer.

I have a dashboard with filter using that driver. Metabase sends two commands to Trino:

1- PREPARE statement1 FROM -- Metabase:: userID: ....

2- EXECUTE statement1 USING [ARGS]

It is possible to obtain the UserId in the EXECUTE command (-- Metabase:: userID: ....), as in the case of PREPARE ?

@Diego78 So you basically want this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
You'll need to do a lot more work it get that implemented.

If your question is about the Starburst driver, then you should ask a question in their repo.