Metabase super user Login password

I am not able to login ,
I got user name, pwd , pwd salt etc
using salt I tried to update pwd but its not working showing 'Whoops, that's an expired link’'pwd salt'

is it any way I can decrypt existing pwd, please help !

Hi @subhabrata007
Follow this guide:

hi @flamber, I am using docker , I followed what you mentioned another article, Reset admin account without email<<<<<pwd_salt>>>>
pwd_salt is right one or any other thing I should use?
but I stuck here

Whoops, that's an expired link

For security reasons, password reset links expire after a little while. If you still need to reset your

@subhabrata007 It's not password_salt, it's reset_token. You should be able to run a container with reset-password applied in the end of the run-command. Otherwise use JAR and point it to your application database.

@flamber, can you please provide docker cmd for doing this , Please .

docker run -d -p
-v <>:/metabase-data
-e "MB_DB_FILE=/metabase-data/metabase.db"
--name metabasev0.33.6 metabase/metabase:v0.33.6 reset-password , if so other container should I kill ?

@subhabrata007 I would recommend not using Docker unless you fully understand how it works. It just makes everything more complicated.

  1. Shutdown the container
  2. Download
  3. Run
    java -DMB_DB_FILE=/<your-location-of-the-h2>/metabase.db -jar metabase.jar reset-password

Then after you got access, then migrate away from H2 and consider upgrading to a later release. Latest is 0.39.3

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@flamber, thanks for your suggestion and help , you are awesome ,
worked for me. thanks a ton.

I have used the above command to reset the password. now can you help me to set new password for the user.

java -DMB_DB_FILE=metabase.db -jar metabase.jar reset-password

now how to set new password for

@babai93 Have a look here:
And migrate away from H2:
Latest release is 0.44.2: