Metabase unable to convert date alike format to date for druid datatype

I am facing a challenges to convert text (date alike format) to date. It will become blank

Data source i use is druid.

Also, every times if I re-ingested data, the time series which i set to category previously will auto changed to entity key.

Any hints how to solve it?

  1. Original date alike format:-


  1. changed date type to creation timestamp

  1. Query again at using custom query and it return blank:-

Metabase cannot convert types - it will try to present the information in the type selected.
You need to convert the underlying text column to a date column with a database View or similar.

@flamber thanks so much for the reply. How metabase read unix timestamp then? Possible from admin page to convert unix timestamp direct or need custom sql?

@i2cute If your data is a string, then Metabase reads a string and sometimes the frontend might try to convert something in a few cases. If you want Metabase to be able to handle it as a timestamp, then create a database View - I have no idea how Druid works, so you’ll have to ask in a Druid forum for more help.