Metabase Updates ( SOLVED )

Hi all.

Its possible to use 0.29.3 version of metabase ? i don’t find anywhere to download the .jar on site

Can I ask what’s keeping you from wanting to use version 0.30?

Slower than normal on my machine

Can you share some more details on that - what database, how/where you run Metabase, kind of slower questions examples etc.

Because, it sounds like a potential bug that should be looked into - but “feels generally slower - in my environment” isn’t much to go by. :smile:

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Many bugs when using the FullScreen option between pages are also slow, it’s in only 1 machine of 4 here, only one with little processing power.

and I still have not found anything useful to me at the moment in the current version, but the reasons I think are the least important, I simply wanted to return 1 version for a week or two

Thanks for getting back.

To put it differently, I will say if you don’t report your errors don’t expect them to be solved, unless other people are bitten by them. I don’t see anything reported so far with Fullscreen - and it works the same as before == just fine for me - so maybe it’s just a problem with your not-so-powerful machine?

But to give you an opportunity to get back to a previous release I’ll share what the current download link on the page is: from there you can probably figure out how to get to 0.29.3 :wink: I think there are absolutely no guarantees from Metabase team it will stay that way (which I think is fair) … I’m just another user trying to help out as best I can.

I hope this solves your question?

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I just wanted the old version, the motives really matter? I just did not go much with the 0.30.

But it helped me, grateful.