Metabase upgrade to 0.31.2 using postgre sql - Dashboards missing


We have hosted metabase in linux and recently upgraded to 0.31.2, Previously we were using 0.29.0-snapshot.

With 0.29.0 version we were using h2 DB, we as a first step migrated to postgre sql with 0.29.0 version. Everything went smooth.

As a next step we are upgrading from 0.29.0 version to 0.31.2 version using the postgre sql DB. We downloaded the 0.31.2 jar and used the postgre sql DB connection details to start it.

In the newer version , all questions are available but the dashboards are missing. Please help in what we are missing. has anyone else faced a issue like this.

Hi @naveen_pandian

It’s a major upgrade from 0.29 to 0.30, where everything is put in Collections. Have you read the announcements before upgrading?

All your dashboards are probably on located in the collection called Migrated - otherwise try to use the search to find them.

Thanks for the response. Yes all dashboards are available under migrated dashboards. Sorry my bad, i did know it would go into migrated dashboards , but i was searching in all menu options but not on the collections.