Metabase v0.41.0 can not connect to presto/trino(ver.358)

My metabase version is v0.41.0 .When I try to connect to presto/trino(ver.358), I get the error --> "Error executing query".
And the error in the log is {:valid false, :dbname "Error executing query", :message "Error executing query"}

I don't know the reason. Could anyone help me to find out where the problem is coming from ?
Thank you!

Hi @iris
Unless you have defined the legacy header, then you cannot connect to Trino. Read the comments: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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Hi flamber,
I have try to add legacy header. Does this file already exist in /etc/trino/, or I have to add it myself ? Because I didn't see a folder name trino in etc.
And after I add this line, should I restart the server?

@iris You'll have to look in the Trino documentation.