Metabase visual slow compare to another which runs the same query

I am using metabase version v0.34.3.
A strange behavior i have noticed an want to under the underlying reason is, performance between 2 identical visual running same query on same database place on different dashboards, tend to give difference in load times for data. Cache is active from metabase settings but cant seem to understand tge reason behind this behavior. The db my instance is connected to is Azure Sql.

Hi @FawzanAhmed

I don’t think I understand what you’re asking.
Are you saying that the same query takes different amount of time to execute, and that cache does not seem to work?
How much is the time difference?
Could it be network latency between Metabase and the database?

There has been many changes in 0.35.3 about connection handling, which should speed to queries and make Metabase faster to respond.

Yes flamber, in my case i have created 2 separate visuals with identical queries. Placed on different dashboards, when reloading those dashboard one loads somewhat 5 - 10 sec faster than the other.
Will try to upgrade to newer version and test.

@FawzanAhmed Okay, but that doesn’t tell me if the problem is slow presentation of the visualization (the browser) or if the query speed is different.
Check the log to see query time - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs
And use the browser developer console to see timings for paint and rendering.
And make sure that you test with a browser without any extensions.