Metabase webpage isn't working - internet settings problem?

Hi there,

I use metabase a lot, normally through google chrome. Suddenly yesterday I get this error when I try to start it up on google chrome:

I checked and the same error is there on my laptop for microsoft edge or internet explorer.

However it works fine on my phone, or for any other users on different pcs.

So it is just my computer with an issue but as far as I know I have not changed any settings on my laptop.

Has anyone experienced this before and know what the problem is?

Thanks for any help,

Hi @f-jay100
It's impossible to say what the problem is - it could be network problems (connectivity, DNS, firewall, etc) or perhaps an anti-malware program blocking something. But the problem is not Metabase.

yeah no worries.. I realise it is nothing to do with metabase I just wondered if this was a common problem and someone knew a fix.

@f-jay100 You would have to do some general network debugging.

It was caused by an update to my antivirus (bitdefender)

Switched antivirus and now all is good again.


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