Metabase will be opensource after enterprise edition release this winter?

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Received a email from Sameer Al-Sakran, which says going to release an enterprise edition this winter.

Can some one answer below questions.

1 Do i need to buy the License , if i have implemented Metabase for one of our client after enterprise edition this winter.

2 Metabase will be opensource after enterprise edition release this winter?

3 As i have already implemented Metabase, do i need to remove it if i am unable to buy the license .

4 Are you planning to sell the Metabase company.


Where did you get the information about the Enterprise Edition?
I’m not an open source expert, but I’d be surprised if there’s a term in the agreement that allows them to revoke existing rights.

Sounds pretty clear to me. New features that are more useful for large companies will be in a new edition, with the existing edition continuing to be free.
I’m happy with that provided they continue to update the free edition. For me what’s missing most is interactivity and quality visualisations.
Many open source projects do this. Jasper Reports was bought and there are now two editions - one free, one paid for. The paid for edition adds features very similar to those proposed by Metabase (management and row level security).

My main concern would be the $10-$20K per year - that sounds way too high for the current functionality even with unlimited users.
Other concern is the mid-market where I tend to work. They need some of the bigger features, but not all and don’t have the budget for the larger product. SAP do a good job targeting this with Crystal Server vs SAP BI. Microsoft too with PowerBI & SSRS. Jasper not at all (goes from free to £20k per annum).

Yeah, I’d argue it’s better to come in at a lower price point and be a market disruptor, than it is to go in at a competitive price point and compete with the established players.

Ultimately, I’d have to see the cost & full feature set before passing judgement on the value proposition, but if there’s not a lot between Metabase and PowerBI, PBI would crush it.

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In case the email was ambiguous -
Metabase is and will remain free and open source.
You don’t need to buy anything from us to use Metabase.
We are offering an additional edition that contains features useful to large companies.
If you need those features, hopefully the addition of an option will make your life easier.
If you don’t need them, nothing changes.

To directly answer your questions:

  1. No, you’re fine
  2. Yes, it will be
  3. No, you don’t need to remove it or buy anything
  4. No
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Hi Sameer,

Thanks a lot



Any opportunities for reselling Metabase Enterprise edition? I currently resell SAP BI (plus consultancy for MS and Qlik), but seeing more opportunities for more targeted products.

Hi Sameer,

How do I find out about the ‘large company edition’ as well
as commercial licensing to OEM metabase into my company’s



Hi, with the upcoming enterprise version, will Metabase be able to then support DB2 on I-Series hardware or better yet a ODBC still interface?

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