Metabase with H2: How can I recover questions and dashboard from deleted database please?

please let me know how can I recover question and dashboard from deleted database. I installed with H2 database on docker.

I just know H2 is not for production :frowning:

Hi @lillianphyo
Unless you have a backup of the H2, then it's gone.


Thank you for helping.

I have and metabase.db.trace.db. I can see data from metabase_database,report_card and report_dashboardcard and revision.

I generated questions from remote sql server than deleted by mistake.

As you said, I have no chance to recover? :frowning:

If you can see the database is still in METABASE_DATABASE, then you haven't deleted the database.
I don't know what you have done or not done.
But if the data is available in the file, then you can just connect to the file.
If that doesn't work, then it's lost and you have to recreate everything - and setup a proper backup procedure going forward, and migrate away from H2.

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Thank you!