Metabase's Query Table (Lots of Rows where 'query' field IS NULL)

Good evening,

I wanted to see if I could ask a question regarding Metabase’s Query Table and what does it mean when rows in this table have a query field value that IS NULL?

Currently our table has a little over 6200 rows in the table, but only about 600 of them have a value in the query field and the rest do not so I was hoping to see why there are so many that NULL values for that field (this all came up since I was looking to see what the average execution times were and noticed that a lot of the high valued ones were associated with rows that didn’t have anything in the query field which made me wonder if those queries had caused Metabase to crash perhaps and the query info was never saved because of it, or if there was perhaps some other explanation).

Thank you!

Hi @omar.ramos

Which version of Metabase? Which datasource?

There shouldn’t be any difference in execution time between a table with NULL columns and one without.
Are you using Views instead of tables, which does some JOIN?

With so few rows, you shouldn’t really see any differences in execution times.
I have tables with hundreds of columns, where some have NULL - and with millions of rows.


Thank you for the reply, but I believe you’ve misunderstood my question. We don’t have any issues running queries themselves…what I was referring to in my comment above was the actual Metabase database.

Inside of the Metabase database is a table named query and inside of that table is another field named query (I know, it’s a little confusing).

What I noticed last night was that the vast majority of the records in this query table have a NULL value in the query field.

I was hoping the developers might be keeping an eye out in here and could share why that might be happening and what it means (if anything).