Metabot release date / updated version


I noticed that the Metabot Docker image hasn't been updated for 3 months, and it hasn't received any new features or fixes. Would it be a good idea to use this image in production?

When is the planned release date for this feature?


The latest version of Metabot will be included in v47, but as an experimental version hidden under an environment variable

Hello! I'm using open source version. How do I enable Metabot in 0.47? How do I set env var to true?

Interesting! I've seen the release notes for 0.47 but haven't seen Metabot mentioned anywhere.

How would one go about testing Metabot out in Metabase Cloud?

Also, what are the plans for Metabot, is there any development effort being put into it at the moment?


We can enable the env var for you, just write to our support email

Yes, we're still working on it, but it takes time