Metadata Model - How to Cast to a specific Data Type?

We have an Athena table with a date-time partition as follows: 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:00'
In the table metadata, we configure it with the following settings:
This allows us to use field-filter and get the date/time widget to work properly in the Notebook editor.

However, if we create a model that includes the date-time partition column, we are unable to specify the same configuration in the model metadata. Even if we map the column to the proper table column, the field continues to show up as text. How can we configure the data cast for a column in a model metadata?

This is the metadata for the column in the model.

If we query the table directly, we can use the correct date-time widget, but if we query the model, the column shows up as text.

Also, note that we cannot just simply use one of the date-time categories, such as Creation Time or Creation Timestamp or Creation Date as that breaks the query completely with a type-mismatch.