Migrate existing metabase application to azure

Hi, I have metabase application running on azure and its database on AWS. I want to move my application to azure and retain its database in AWS only.
I tried setting up a metabase application on Azure by using its docker image but this provided me with default database. Now I want to connect my existing AWS postgres metabase database to this docker.
How can I achieve this? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi @praneetha

Which version of Metabase?
You should be able to just use the regular environment variables on Azure, so you’re pointing to AWS. Just make sure that any firewalls allows traffic from Azure on your AWS.

You’re going to have some extra latency - meaning it will feel slower - but it depends on the distance between the data centers.
Out of curiosity, why not run everything in one place?

@flamber we run it in different places as it is a cost saving measure, and to distribute the not-for-profit credits evenly between different systems

Thanks @flamber I created a new container with environment variables and it worked.