Migrate from Metabase Pro to Metabase Open-source

The company I work currently have a key to evaluate Metabase Pro. Our stack currently has Metabase Open-source.

We would like to know if it's possible to move back to Metabase Open-source if we determine Metabase Pro is not the right fit for us, knowing we would be using the same database for data structured of metabase.

Thanks in advance,

yup! in fact both containers/JAR's are interchangeable. You need to change between the same version. E.g.:

  • if you're running 0.45.3 and you move to 1.45.3, you can move back to 0.45.3.
  • if you're running 0.45.3 and you move to 1.46.0 (you made an upgrade here), you can go back to 0.46.0