Migrate H2 to oracle?

Hi. I’m new to metabase, but am reviewing for long term usage. We do not have MySql or PostGres. And I’m certain in time we will need to “upgrade” and have a bigger database to store all of the analytics collected. Is there a way to setup the necessary tables for metabase in oracle? We will be getting our data from oracle, anyway, and it seems like it would be easiest to stick with oracle.

Hi @katellison
No, that’s currently not possible. The only databases supported for metadata are H2, Postgres and MySQL/MariaDB.
If you’re running Metabase in Docker, then it’s fairly easy to setup another container running Postgres or MySQL/MariaDB.

So as metabase is open source, would it be possible as a developer to fork it and add functionality that would allow storage in oracle?

@katellison Yes, of course - that’s the wonderful thing about open source :wink:
You would need to add the Oracle driver into the core drivers (H2, Postgres, MySQL) and somehow have it load ojdbc8.jar before loading the core drivers.
You will not to include ojdbc8.jar in your repo and distribute it, since it is proprietary blob.

@katellison Were you able to this?

You’re looking at two separate things.
Oracle is supported as a datasource for questions.
Only H2, MySQL & Postgres are suppored for the system database.

I have no understanding why standard JDBC can’t just be used for all SQL based databases, but I’m just a BI consultant.