Migrate Metabase to another server


We changed SQL server, we took the same IP as the old server. Once Docker is installed and the data is copied to the new server, docker launches but the contenair does not launch, can you help me?

Error response from daemon: error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/over lay2/879b19d400f13b8e0537afd18d5285acc2b10e428ef9c0f6bc7a2e36e83c8e52/merged: no such file or directory
Error: failed to start containers: metabase_glpi

Thank you.

Hi @Alexandrelefebvre
It is not clear how you "copied" everything from one server to another, but something tells me that you might not have copied everything (or not done it correctly).
Sounds like it has nothing to do with Metabase, but a general Docker question:

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Thank you for your answer, I will try and come back to the discussion if the problem is still present.