Migrate or Copy Metabase Postgres Application Database to Another Postgres

Hello. I have been using Metabase locally via the .jar and the H2 database on my personal computer. I have also set up a few coworkers with the same setup on their computers. Our initial intent was to explore the use of Metabase to query an Oracle database we have and we did not have access to a server for a proper setup.

Given the advice I found here on the Metabase Discourses, I have installed a local instance of a Postgres on each staff's computer and migrated the H2 data over to each Postgres. I have finally convinced my IT department to setup Metabase on an Openshift container platform with Postgres as the back end database.

So, all that said, I am in a situation where each staff has their own Dashboards/Queries/Reports on individual Postgres databases and I want to migrate them all over to my single Openshift Postgres. I have been searching for some methods and It's possible that I can use PG Admin to do this (among some other methods), but before I do this, I wanted to see if there will be any know issues by doing this. The one good thing I have in my favor, is that if/when I migrate all those Postgres databases Dashboards/Queries/Reports, they will be migrated to my account and not the individual accounts for each staff.

Any thoughts, suggestions or best practices would be appreciated.

Hi @rossi45
You've set yourself up for a headache. To merge multiple instances into a single instance, would require using Serialization (https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/enterprise-guide/serialization.html) or perhaps API (via python wrapper https://github.com/vvaezian/metabase_api_python).

Everything in Metabase is stored with IDs, so each of your multiple local instances will have conflicting IDs, which means you cannot easily merge multiple instances into a single.

Thanks @flamber. I have been googling around and did some tests and pretty much have run into the issues you outlined. I've already started manually porting them over (i.e. copy and paste queries, redo the settings and visualizations, etc). It's a PITA, but I only have about 40-50 queries/dashboards, etc. Could be worse. Thanks for the response.