Migrate questions and dashboards for multitenant Metabase

We were hoping to use a single instance of Metabase for multiple tenants who have their own data source configured. The datasources will point to multiple database instances with the same schema. We wanted to create some questions and dashboards that will be common across all tenants, and give the flexibility for individual tenants to create their own questions/dashboards as well.

We wanted an easy way to create these common questions and dashboards in one place and be able to migrate these over to all tenants. We are currently trying to use the REST API to build this migration.

So, my question is, has anyone done this before?


@ijkvinay I’m curious if you figured out a solution to this? I have the same situation

@cohen No. We got diverted to other priorities, here’s the beginning of the work though. https://github.com/OpenCHS/metabase-migrator