Migrate to new domain

I'm hosting Metabase (0.45.2) via a jar on Ubuntu 22.04 on AWS. We are using a reverse proxy (nginx) to point analytics2.foo.com to This has been working without any issues for the past few months.

We now want to "migrate" to a new domain, so I created a new DNS record for analytics.foo.com, pointing to the same server. I updated the site-url in admin settings to analytics.foo.com, restarted metabase and nginx.

Everything works fine, but the side bar is not populated (i.e. the collections, questions, dashboards, etc). Everything else works perfectly (I can go directly to any question or dashboard).

But nothing in the sidebar, except a spinner.

I hope I'm missing something obvious here. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Screenshot from 2023-03-06 14-07-23

Please open the browser dev tools to see what’s being called when the collection api should be called