Migrating DWH from Postgres to Redshift... how to keep all questions in Metabase?

Hi, we are getting ready to move from Postgres to Redshift for our Data Warehouse. Assuming that we keep all the tables and columns the same, how should we handle the move so that our Metabase users and questions are not affected?

Note that I am not talking about the Metabase application database, which is already on Postgres and will remain so.

First, take a backup!!!

All you need to do is login to the admin panel and change the existing database connection.
Not sure if there are any differences in data types between Postgres and Redshift - do let us know though.

Redshift is based on Postgres engine and thus very similar. Given your Metabase app db is intact and not migrated, your questions should stay same. However, since you’ll need to create the new connection which will be different from your original question, you’ll need to point your questions to the new connection.

I’ve built a Redshift stack a few times. Let me know if you have any question on it.