Minimum requirements to host metabase tool

I need to know what is the minimum requirements to host metabase tool in a server?
what is the best hosting for small database?

Please advise.

Metabase can on Heroku Free plan with 512MB RAM, but that’s a highly optimized platform and running the JAR.
So are you going to run it as JAR, Docker, …? Which operation system?
Which version of Java? Are you going to use reverse proxy?
And what’s your definition of “small database”?

Thanks a lot for your reply.
So are you going to run it as JAR, Docker, …?
==> JAR
Which operation system?
==> one of those (Centos or ubuntu)
And what’s your definition of “small database”?
it is an app for mobile apps that receive customer registration of less than 10 customers a day. with upto 20 database tables in MySQL.

I will try to find answers for the other questions.


Okay, so I’m guessing that you have less than 100MB of data?

If Metabase is the only service running on that server, then you might be able to use 512MB RAM, if it’s light usage. Would probably recommend minimum 1GB RAM anyway.

If you’re hitting the ceiling constantly, then up it to 2GB, otherwise setup swap to catch any higher usage, so it doesn’t crash the largest memory resource, which is likely going to be Java.

If you’re going to run other services on the server, then you have to account for those services memory usage as well. And also for any irregular things like system updates.

I am not planing to have anything in the same server for Metabase. it will connect to the database in different server. the reasons behind that are tow:
1- Every time we install Metabase, it effect some of the running services of the main application (PHP+MySql) and kill some of the APIs as per our developer.
2- When the server got restarted, Metabase disappear as it requires to run JAVA again.

It sounds like you want to use a Metabase instance for each “customer”, so you’re going to have many instances?
Then it’s probably better to use Kubernetes and a Docker image for each instance.

It is only one instance for my metabase.
By the way, the source database and applications are hosted in Linode server (which I dont want it to be used by metabase for the reason above).

so, taking that into consideration:

  1. What do you recommend Docker or JAR?
  2. What is the best OS, Centos or ubuntu? & if there is any installation URL or document?

Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

The plain JAR has less overhead than Docker (if you know what you’re doing), but if you already have Docker running, then that image will probably be easier to maintain in your environment.
To run the JAR, you would need to do a little more setup. There’s a guide to setup on Debian-based OS:

i have a question too