Missing mongodb collection

Hi everyone! I'm using Metabase v0.44.2 self-hosted in Kubernetes connected to MongoDB 5.0.9 in replicaSet. Metabase acquired with success my database but one collection is missing. The databases contains the following collections (read from the mongosh):

rs0:PRIMARY> db.getCollectionNames()

but the collection "sessions" is missing in metabase. I tried:

  • The function "Sync database schema now" in the admin session: reading the logs in the troubleshooting section i get "[0702fe68-5a1d-461c-b08e-4586e427f028] 2022-09-07T16:21:02+02:00 INFO metabase.sync.sync-metadata.tables Updating description for tables: (Table 'system.users' Table 'sessions' Table 'exports' Table 'permissions' Table 'events' Table 'metrics' Table 'devices')" (notice the 'sessions' table) but no "sessions" table appare in the "browser data" section.
  • Remove the connection to the DB and reinstall it, but it's the same.

I notice that in the "data model" under admin section the "sessions" table appare but is hidden.. why?

Hi @alberto.manfrinati
Certain table names are automatically hidden, because they usually contains "computer generated data".
In the Data Model you need to unhide the table.

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After remove the hidden property, metabase starts the sync! Now I can see the sessions table