Model cache is timing out on MySQL

We have a few models we are caching to improve query performance, and one of the larger one times out when caching. Seems like the caching process times out after about 10mins.

Error is: Killed mysql process id 330 due to timeout.

Are there any settings we can change to extend this cache timeout?

Hi @Syewell
The Models persistent caching has a hardcoded timeout to prevent locking up the database:

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Thanks for pointing that out.

Makes sense that we don’t want the DB blocked. The thing is we are attempting to cache this model because it is an expensive query / takes a long time so this timeout is a little ironic.

  • any suggestions on how to make the cache event take less time?
  • would be nice to have the timeout as a configuration setting, can you let product mgmt know?

@Syewell Have you checked your MySQL debug logs to see if the performance problems could come from missing indexes?
Alternatively, use views on your database - or tables created via a script directly on your database.

I would recommend opening a feature request: