Model Caching for MSSQL

Hi Community,

Could anyone leeds me to the files (github) where cache functions for models already supported by MySql / PostgreSQL... have been developped? I want to see if it would be hard to port them to MSSQL.

Or, if ever, before to spend time on it, if any shedule is in the roadmap for it.



As far as I read, MSSQL is handled by jdbc.

Understanding why Model caching is not available for MSSQL is a bit too hard for me. Clojure is, on one side quite readable, but on the other side, I lack to much concept.

Maybe, it also has something to do with action. Not sure.

I think I will be faster on building a kind of caching Question system through MSSQL Agent on the datawarehouse than trying to develop Metabase to handle it.

Unfortunalty, after test, you can't handle models from a datawarehouse on MSSQL in a Mysql datawarehouse.