Model CRUD & Actions missing

I am following the instructions for creating basic CRUD APP with version 0.46.1
-> Build a basic CRUD app with actions

When I get to looking for the Actions tab in the model, I am unable to see the tab
See attached screenshot. What am I missing . I am attempting to create the CRUD app on the Sample Database as well as on postgresql and big query as seperate models but geth the same result ie. no tab for Actions post creation of the model


have you enabled models? go to settings->admin->databases-> select h2 or postgres and enable actions

I was searching for a way to enable it in Big Query, just like @Luiggi said, but it doesn't seen to have any option. On the other hand, I did manage to enable actions on the h2 database.

Not yet supported in Bigquery :slightly_frowning_face: