Models Metadata Editing missing up In Question Editor

I created a model from a SQL question to try out the new feature. I then edited the metadata as suggested to provide description of better cased naming.
I found out 2 quite missleading bugs :

  • When editing type column type and accidentally set it to entity id or name to an underlying table then the filter picker on the question editor displays the underlying table available field instead of the model one.
  • When editing again the metadata, fixing the issue by renaming it and removing any column type, then in the query editor, filter doesn't take into account field from the SELECT clause but from the metadata which generated an error CF screen shot.

Hi @gchev
I don't think I understand what you mean or the exact steps to reproduce. Can you try doing it with Sample Database, then it's possible for everyone to reproduce?

@flamber What is the Sample Dataset how can I connect to it ? The issue seems to be with metadata if you accidentally tie a filed from a model to an underlying DB field and they don't have the same name then the Select ( which use the metadata overriden name) will not corresponds to the one in filter (uses the underlying DB field name). Does that make more sense?

@gchev Go to Admin > Databases - there's a link all the way in the bottom, where you can enabled Sample Database.

It sounds like you are seeing this issue - see my comment on how to reproduce with Sample Database. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Yep looks like it !