Modifying Metabase Code: Is it legit to modify FE code to add a PDF format option to the report download format list under the open source AGPL license?

I suppose the heading's clear enough. I'm using the embed option provided by Metabase for Dashboards & Reports and I'd like a PDF download option with it.

Would it be allowed to modify the frontend code to add this option under the open-source AGPL license?

The metabase team is already working on such a functionality

Would potentially get out on release 47

Hi @TonyC,

Thanks for the reply!

I'm implementing a custom solution to download large tabular reports as PDFs. The estimated PDF page count ranges from 10k to 40k. For this, we've implemented the PDF generation code in a BE service and used that in conjunction with the Metabase BE through nginx(for path-based routing) as it has a considerable memory overhead.

In my understanding, the PNG option would be available for graphical dashboards only.

You should contribute your code if you’re using this for commercial purposes

Certainly @Luiggi, I can arrange that.

Are we required to push both the FE update as well as the BE service?

Our BE service uses Django, DRF for web-related functionality, and ReportLab for PDF generation.

sorry, I didn't get this: will you modify the Metabase code at some point?

Yes, we intend to do that.

if that's the case, you'll need to contribute that code to the project

Thanks for the support and clarity… this was really helpful.