MoM by day and Country

Hi all, I've an issue about creating a MoM by Day line chart gruped also by the Country dimension (that shows me the number of orders in a day of a month of a Country compared with the ones of the previous month day).

I want to create this type of chart and insert it in a dashboard in order to link it with a Country filter.
I succeed in creating the MoM by day chart without Coutry by following this guide.

This is the questions setting:

This is the result:

In order to try to have the number of orders on a month day of a country, when I create the MoM by Day model I group the results of the distinct value for both data time created and Country.
Like this:

And then a create a question to find the number of orders of the previous month day for each country.
This is the question setting:

This is the result:

The problem is that in this way if a country doesen't have orders on a specific day of month (Switzerland on April the 4th for ex.), the previous month day date would not be created, so that if Switzerland has orders on March the 4 th it will not be shown and counted.

How can I solve this problem and have all the countries and day date order count even if blank/without orders?

Thank you for your support!