Mongo collection filter by boolean is not working

I want to make filtering for custom native query on mongo, and the filter is supposed to be boolean.

{ $match: { covid_related: {{covid_related}} } },

{"$project": { "covid_related":"$covid_related","country":"$country"}}   


When I pass true from the filter it gives me there is no results.

I tried toBool to be sure it's converting text to boolean, but same issue
{ $match: { covid_related: { $toBool: {{covid_related}} } }},

Also it returns no results.
But when I manually write true in the match it works.
{ $match: { covid_related: true }},
it returns data.

Can u plz explain what I am missing?

Thank yoou

Hi @alaahammouda
I'm not sure why it's not working, but you can try using a View instead, where you convert the data into the format you want to use while querying.

Is there a way to see the query with filters created to automatically filter widgets that was created using simple question not native query? Because boolean filtering is working there.

@alaahammouda You can see the query generated in the GUI by clicking "View the SQL":

It works when I make it field related and here is the working code.

{ $match: { $and: [{"count":{"$gt":0}}[[, {{covid_related}} ]] [[,  {{country}} ]] ] },
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