MongoDB Atlas - Metabase: Will I have data transfer costs on mongodb when querying with Metabase?


I am using mongodb atlas and i connected metabase with mongodb.

I was curious to see if I will incur costs on data transfer on mongodb when i'm using metabase.

Dose metabase transfer data from mongodb or how does it work when analyzing data? If yes, I know mongodb charges on data transfer depending on region. (same region - emea, america, etc). Which one will it be?


Hi @danut
Metabase makes queries on your database (no matter which database you are using as the data source).
So yes, there is data transfer. I cannot tell you if there is costs involved, since that depends on your database plan and how much usage you have.

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Hello flamber,

Thanks for the quick reply. I see. But Metabase is copying the full database or just doing queries on my database and then transfers the results?

@danut Metabase makes queries on your database. Metabase does not have a copy of your database.

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