MongoDB join questions

I have a collection called “Orders” which is consist of orders from all shops. each document have Order amount and Shop ID

in order to pull the data of that Shop ID I need to look up in “Shops” collection.

how can I create a question that shows list of top shops sorted by total order amounts?

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Hi @hadifarnoud
Metabase currently doesn’t support joins on MongoDB through the UI: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
You would need to do it with a Native question - you’re likely going to find more examples on how to write queries in a forum dedicated to MongoDB or

I tried native queries but it seems like it is different from Mongodb queries. can you provide an example native query in Metabase?

@hadifarnoud Try using the UI to create a simple question and then go to the Notebook editor to convert it to a query:

In fact I have done exactly that to figure out how native query works but still can’t do joints

@hadifarnoud So are you getting the same error as in the issue I linked to? Then it’s not supported by the driver.
Metabase will currently not be the right tool for you.