MongoDb : Problem with 2 aggregated values


I’m new with Metabase, sorry for that :wink:

I connected Metabase to my MongoDb database, everything is Ok. The structure of the test collection (MongoDb) is quite simple (see below the JSON representation of a Booking)

“_id” : ObjectId(“596626d3eb7961414ab9e300”),
“bookingDate” : ISODate(“2008-02-08T23:00:00.000Z”),
“destination” : “Italie”,
“pax” : 4.0,
“price” : 2653.0

I try to create a question in order to get a report with these information :

Destination , Sum of Pax, Sum of Price

The problem is when I add the second “view” “Sum of Price”, this view doesn’t appear in the table…

Below, the native query, may be it can help :


Does anyone was face to this kind of issue? Any help would be very appreciated.