MongoDB SSL setup error - "Illegal base64 character 3a"

Hi all,

Could someone elaborate on MongoDB SSL input format?
I've copied *.pem file content into Metabase UI and got a format input error of "Illegal base64 character 3a".

Which format should I use for "Server SSL certificate chain" and "Client SSL certificate chain (PEM)" input ?
I can say for sure there is no issue with the certificates as they work fine when using MongoSB UI (Compass App) as a client, just can't understand MetaBase MongoDB SSL input specification.

Thank you.

What are you passing int he additional connection string options?

Also what vesion of metabase are you running?

Additional connection string options is empty, I only turned on the SLL option and copied content of server.pem / client.pem + root.peam accordingly.
It looks like certificate encoding is not as expected.

I was using version 0.46.6, but got same error on latest version 0.50.5.