MongoDB with TLS/SSL and self signed certificates under Metabase 0.36

Hey there,

In 0.36 we got the ability to configure SSL certificates using the UI to support mongo server with SSL/TLS this is great and thanks for the developers.

However i`m having alittle problem finding what is need to be copied to the textarea… I’ve coppied both the content of the host .pem file and the root-ca .pem file and it seems that metabase files to parse it and create a valid certificate.

What do the sentence ‘Server SSL certificate chain’ means? can Self-Signed certifiactes be supported by Metabase using the Admin UI?


Hi @eranu
Yes, self-signed certificates are supported. Metabase does not “create a valid certificate” - it just uses what you have defined.
For reference:

Thanks for your reply,
I did found and tested the SSL connection using the UI however since it does specify what is needed for a ‘Server certificate SSL chain’ (as it written in the UI textarea) it`s hrad to find the exact structure it needs to use the SSL without failing on some java exception.

For example I’ve copied both the content of the root ca .pem file and the content of the host certificate (signed by the root ca) .pem file to the text box and it return the following error :
signed overrun, bytes = 920


@eranu We could probably be a little better at writing our documentation, but anything involving certificates are extremely technical and isn’t really specific to Metabase, so it is expected to have knowledge in this area.


Thank you @flamber,
Any chance that you (anyone else :slight_smile: ) can paste an example of what expected to be in the ‘Server certificate SSL chain’ textbox? i could take it from there…


Hey all,

i might understood what needed does the sentance ‘Server SSL certificate chain’ mean to copy the results of the following command?

 openssl s_client -connect  <server address>

Is this correct? if that the case how to a provide a SSL cretificate to the metabase client?

@eranu Did you read the superuser answer? I would recommend that you ask your question in a forum specific to MongoDB, since it’s not specific to Metabase. You will likely find better help there.