Monitorizing users


I’ve been having some problems with Metabase’s overloading due to a lot of users using my queries and they overload my DDBB, so my question is:
Is there any way i can monitorize who is using my queries and the queries response time?

Thank you in advance

Hi @aitor.m

Which version of Metabase? And which datasource?
Have you activated cache in the settings?

There’s an excellent thread with the most common statistic queries:

I don’t think Metabase is the correct place to implement this. But poor performing queries is a common problem. Your DBMS should provide tools to fix these problems. For instance, in MySQL/MariaDB, you can issue a SHOW PROCESSLIST command to see current running queries. There’s also a slow query log you can enable. As a general rule, make sure things your selecting on or grouping on are indexed in some manner.