Month and Year Date filter

Hi everyone,

When I use the Month and Year Date Filter for a month, I don’t get the results for the last day of the month.

For example :

  • If I select january 2019, I get the results from 1st to 30th january
  • if I select february 2019, I get the results from 31st january to 27th february

I’m using metabase V0.31.2.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Livier
It looks like that might be a timezone issue.

It will depend on your DB but as a work around I tend to use something along the lines of

    date between {{start}} and ({{end}} + interval 1 day)

Thank you all for your answers.
I will try to look at the timezones issue

Thank you @flamber
I change my time zome and it works now

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