Move Collections of Multiple Querys with Metabase API

I'm working in Postman with metabase API and I've been trying to use this API command without success

This is my request on Postman

But when I refresh, the query has not changed collections.

This is the query in question

As we can see its in the "Our Analytics" collection and I'm trying to move it to the "Operaciones" collection. In the next image I'll show that de ID:1 for the "Operaciones" collection is the correct one.


Hi @Vallistruqui

Here's a reference for everyone else:

It's difficult to see what you are actually sending, but card_ids has to be an array.
Try something like this instead:

curl 'https://YOUR_METABASE_URL/api/card/collections' --compressed -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Cookie: metabase.SESSION=YOUR_METABASE_SESSION' --data-raw '{"card_ids": [3040], "collection_id": 1}'

But if you are only moving a single question, then just move it with this endpoint instead by only supplying the collection you want to move the question to:

Great! I was able to solve it with you help. The issue was that I had to Variables from the "Body-->Raw" Tab and not the "Params" tab on Postman. Thanks a lot