Moving application database from Heroku to Amazon RDS

Hi, we're about to relocate our main app from Heroku to AWS. I wanted to make sure what to do to keep Metabase working, and not loose any dashboards/reports.

My hypothesis is that once I have a copy of my database on AWS, I just go to /admin/databases/{ID}, and update connection credentials there with ones from AWS, and it will just work. Is that correct?

Is there anything else one should be aware of during such migration?


Hi @inem
So you are moving Metabase (the app, and it's application database) from Heroku to AWS?
Your data sources (the database warehouse connections) are not going to change?

If yes to both, then you simply make a backup of the application database on Heroku and then import it into AWS. I would recommend using the same version of Metabase on AWS as you're currently using on Heroku. If you want to upgrade, then do that in a separate process later.

You do not change anything in Admin > Databases, which is the connections to your data sources, which does not sound like you are changing.

But just make sure that you have backups, so you can always revert to your Heroku setup if anything goes wrong.

No, sorry for confusion. It is the opposite.

Metabase installation we keep intact, but the source database moves from Heroku to RDS on AWS.

@inem Okay, and it's a Postgres in both ends I'm guessing, then yes, you simply just update the connection information in Admin > Databases.
Again, always make a backup of the Metabase application database before doing such a big change.

Ok, great, thanks a lot!