MS SQL - Couldn't connect

Trying to connect to our Microsoft SQL 2014 SP3 from the Metabase client on a Mac.

The server is remotely hosted, but I have access to it from other applications, like TablePlus.

I’m using all the same credentials across applications, but metabase refuses to connect.

[9217809d-f681-43d0-b105-36220d3a857d] 2020-10-06T10:33:59+02:00 ERROR metabase.driver.util Database connection error [9217809d-f681-43d0-b105-36220d3a857d] 2020-10-06T10:33:59+02:00 ERROR metabase.api.database Cannot connect to Database

Any ideas where I’m going wrong?

Hi @Gnillab
Metabase uses the JDBC driver to connect, so that host isn’t valid - it needs to be an IP address, hostname, or FQDN.

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Thanks for the swift reply!

So in the case where my host is IP\[Something] I’m SOOL? :frowning:

So I moved the value after the backslash down to Instance and cleared the port value and then it worked.

Thanks again for the feedback.