MS - SQL procedure not working properly

Hi team,

I have created a sample procedure in ms sql, in metabase it has successfully imported, But Its not giving multi rows record set in "Metabase". Below i have mentioend my sample procedure. Please check it once.

CREATE PROCEDURE demo_procedure
    select top 1 * from orders;
    select top 1 * from sales;

That procedure returns two result sets (possibly a 3rd as you've not set rowcount off. Metabase is expecting one.
If you want orders and sales all together, add a UNION ALL between them (assuming the queries are union compatible).

From using Metabase for the last few years, I've reached a point where I do everything in Views. Saves a lot of pain down the line.

So, Two results sets are not supported by metabase right ?, If we need this kind of queries, we need to write in union correct ?

If you need 2 result sets, write 2 questions.
If you one 1 result set, use a UNION. I'd be surprised if your orders and sales tables are union compatible though (every column needs to be the same in the correct order).

I'm not sure what you'd expect Metabase to do with 2 result sets?