MS SQL Server Dynamic ports

After upgrading yesterday, it looks like Dynamic Ports have been added to the SQL driver (apologies if this happened previously and I just didn’t notice):
However, leaving it blank just gives the timeout (ie can’t connect) error.

Are dynamic ports supported?

Hi @AndrewMBaines
Nothing has been changed in regards to the ports used since version 0.29 (or something like that).
I just added the description.

I guess the mention of dynamic needs removing then?

@AndrewMBaines Are you saying that Dynamic Ports are not working? Then please open an issue on that with enough details to reproduce.

I didn’t think it had ever worked! I thought it was a limitation of JDBC rather than anything specific to Metabase.
I’ll have a play with my dev environment (no security) and see if I can make it work under certain circumstances.