Multi instance Metabase Login problem

Hey guys,

I know this is not advised / supported but I could use some help with multi-instance setup of Metabase from people who have done it.

A quick question for those who are running Metabase as a multi-instance setup. I’m currently running 2 instances on ec2 and have used ELB to load balance traffic.

When I access the Load balancer IP and finish the setup process, I’m not able to get past the login screen. It keeps redirecting me to the same page. I am able to get past the login screen when I access the individual ec2 instances. I have created the same user/pass/email and db settings on both the ec2 vms hoping that this will help me to login with the same credentials but no luck :frowning:

The people who have managed to setup multi-instance version of Metabase, are you guys running a BeanStalk setup? And does BeanStalk have no issues scaling ? Or are you guys using some sign on mechanism like LDAP or Google Auth?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.