Multi-line column headers

Is there a way to set up multi-line column headers? Long column names are not visually appealing in one line. Also they cause a lot of horizontal empty space in the rows.

Hi @King_Edward
Currently not. And multi-line is not supported on rows either (#6178).
As a work-around I tend to write a very abbreviated column name and then use the question description to write full context. I know that might not work for everybody, but it’s an easy hack.

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I see.

Is it possible to have multi lines in question description? \n is not working.

@King_Edward No :frowning_face: I usually use # as separator, so something like this.
pxNom=Patient Name ### pxCod=Patient Code (this is usually in Spanish, just translated for example)

@King_Edward Hmm…it looks like it was meant to be multi-line, but only the input accepts multi-line, but it’s displayed as single-line in the tooltip.
Do you want to open a new issue on that?

Sure. I’ll do.

I’ll also make a feature request to show column description (as a tooltip) on mouse hover on column headers. I think this will be very handy. This issue is kind of related.

@King_Edward The #1174 issue you referenced actually already works like that (see image below). My problem is that I need to show some tables on a dashboard, where I don’t have the option to resize the column size, so that’s why I use abbreviated names.

I think that is for column names, not column descriptions.
And the tooltip appears only if the column name is not fully visible.

So I suggest: A toolip always be shown on hovering over column names (with some delay maybe), and it include column name and column description.

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Just for reference: