Multi-tenant shared dashboards?

I saw the paid version had options for embedding/white-labeling - my specific use-case is we sell some software, with each customer having their own database with identical schemas (just the data differs).

We'd like to be able to embed dashboards within our application, however as we have a lot of clients, the idea of having to manage separate questions/queries/dashboards for each client and coordinate updates across all of them seems daunting.

Does the paid version have additional features related to this, where we can more efficiently manage multiple dashboards and visualizations for different clients who each have their own (identically structured) database? Currently we use Crystal Reports for this purpose, since we can simply package identical reports with our software and then it simply gets parameters to connect to the correct data source.

The paid version allows you to serialise stuff from one instance to another. Not quite like copying .rpt files though.

If you're embedding, you could pass a 'customerid' as a hidden filter to the embedded dashboard, then use that to force the security. Depends upon how best to work with your chosen database.

I do consultancy on this stuff, happy to quote for half a day to discuss in more detail. Just PM me.