Multiple Filters within a Dashboard

hi everyone,
I'm using 2 different Field Filters for dates within the same Dashboard (interval + relative date). I would love that when I select an interval in the first filter, the relative date filter gets cleared (thus I won't have 2 filters at the same time on the date), and vice-versa.
anyone knows how to do it ?
have a great day !

Hi @armandviolle
Currently the dashboard filters doesn't have a way to remove presets from other filters.
I'm not quite sure how you're using the Field Filters, but it sounds like a single filter might be a solution.

okay thank you!
I use 2 Field Filters for the same date attribute to be able to select information from a date interval OR from a relative date (past 7 days, past month, current month...)
thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

@armandviolle Change the filter widget type to "Date Filter", which will give you all options.

the thing is I would like to have the ability to select a precise date interval (that's why i use the interval Field filter) OR "basic" date intervals based on the current date (that's why i used the relative date Field filter).
do you know how I could do this ? (it doesn't have to be Done specifically with Field Filters)

but date filter is just a single date no ?

@armandviolle It's all the options:

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i didn't remember this option :eyes: that's exactly what i want, thank you!
have a nice day