Multiple grouping on same date field

How can I do multiple groupings on the same field?

I’m looking at a table with sales per day.
I’d like to see sum(sales) grouped by category, year(date) and quarter(date), and then pivot this with quarter on the horizontal axes and the category and year on the vertical axes.

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This feature would be incredibly useful for our heatmaps / scatterplots etc., as well.

We want to see per day of the week vertically, and the hour of the day horizontally so we can quickly see peak hours for data usage.

Is there at least a timeframe when this feature will be supported? Right now Metabase looks cute, but is not overly usable to us.

It turns out there is already a fix for this available at

I anybody from Metabase following these requests? Is there a roadmap somewhere with information about when these requests will be implemented?

See my edit in Setting correct Data Format for Europe

(I wanted to keep those related responses together)