Multiple user access control for dashboard / data


I am looking forward to use Metabase as a BI tool for our organization. I have certain questions for which I need clarification. Can anybody please help me with the following questions.

  1. If there are multiple users creating dashboards on a single server using Metabase, will everyone be able to see all data/reports created by other users ?
  2. Do we have option of giving read only access to the viewer ie viewer should not be able to make any changes to dashboard and just view the report.
  3. Can I enable user based access to multiple users Example: If I have created a single dashboard in which sales report is for regions – South, East, West, North and I want that Sales head of South be able to see numbers of his region and so on.
  4. Also as compliance issue, one business cannot view data / dashboard of other business. How does Metabase ensure this norm is met?

Amit Darak

All the above is possible.

  1. No they will not be able to see until you provide acess them to see
  2. Yes
  3. Yes
  4. Yes you need to control this
    If you are admin of Metabase application you can go to admin section and look at Peoples and Permissions tab. This should help you to get headstart on all questions what you are looking for

Hi @Amit

  1. That depends on where the dashboard/question is saved and what permissions the other users have. (Admin > Permissions)
  2. Yes, set View-only for a collection. (Admin > Permissions)
  3. It sounds like you’re asking for row-level-security. That’s not available out-of-the-box in the open source version (CE), but it’s available in the Enterprise Edition as Sandboxes.
  4. Not sure what you’re asking. Metabase runs on your servers, so compliance is up to you.